The Central Continent


  • Lots of low, rolling hills, and large plains
  • Has a Mage’s Academy in it


  • Mountain Dwarves, Hill Dwarves, and Lunarium all live in this area
  • Has a large population of Halflings along the Northern border


  • Four primal elemental planes are converging here
  • Desert nation
  • Four major cities; two on coast, one at the fork in the river, and one midway from the fork to the Spine
  • Psionics are prevalent here
  • Warning: High wild magic zone


  • Positive Energy Plane and the Feywild are leaking into Albion
  • Very little “civilization” is present here
  • Has a good relationship with Tarcrea


  • Negative Energy Plane and the Shadow Plane are leaking into Thantar
  • One major city, a necropolis known as Cromlech
  • Ruled by a lich king


  • Relatively isolated from the rest of the continent, due to being on the mountainous island
  • Has a Mage’s Academy in it; arguably the best one in the World
  • Campaign starts here

The Central Continent

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