The Western Continent


  • Devil Nation
  • At war with Abadarros
  • Has a Mage’s Academy in it
  • As it is below, so shall it be above


  • Roughly 65-75% of population are Druids
  • Heavily nature-oriented
  • Location of many of the battles that are fought between Ifrea and Abadarros


  • Has a Mage’s Academy in it
  • A very Mediterranean type of environment
  • One of the few countries on Kyaren that has a strong coastal presence


  • Demon Nation
  • At war with Ifrea
  • Comprised of a number of city-states
  • The most powerful city states are those that are controlled by Demogorgon, Orcus, and Graz’zt
  • The coastal city state ruled by Dagon is currently “unaffliated” with the three major players, but is the most economically powerful city state as it has good trading relations with Merterra
  • Tenebrous (Orcus’s city-state) currently has a “mutually-beneficial relationship” with Thantar

The Western Continent

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