The World of Kyaren

The Races of Kyaren

Dwarves: The Crafters
Elves: The Elder Race

The elves are known as the Elder Race for two reason: first, they are by far the longest living race, what with hitting the 250 year-old mark being a common occurrence, and it not being uncommon to know a 300 year old elf. Second, they believe that they tend to believe that they are the oldest and most noble race on Kyaren, though this is not true; the dwarves existed for centuries before the Cataclysm while the elves were barely born when the Cataclysm struck. Inhabiting the eastern part of the known world, located on the island chain known as Niavane, the elves were relatively isolated for a number of centuries before they finally built up ships capable of crossing the unusually dangerous and tumultuous seas that separate Niavane from the mainland.

Due to their long lives, many elves began to revere nature, the one thing that remained constant and even older than the elves. Also as a result of their long lives, patience and perserverance became common values in their society, and this combined with their nimbleness in both body and mind, resulted in a common curiosity in the arcane arts. However, while most elves took a middle ground in these two slightly contradictory beliefs, the few extremists on either side fought frequently enough (only ever with words though, never actual violence) that a small portion of the elven population separated themselves from the rest and began to call themselves the Lingrium elves, or the Wood Elves, while their more arcane brethren began to call themselves the Celestium. When they finally did cross the Untamed Seas, and met the rest of the inhabitants of Kyaren, most notable the humans and the greenskins, a small segment of the elven population immediately thought that these dirty, short-lived, brutish people were not worth their time, and as such decided to return to their home and to more or less segregate themselves from those on the main continent. When they saw that some of their fellow Celestium elves did not agree with their idea of separating themselves from the greenskins and the humans, they began to call themselves the Solarium, or the Sun Elves, and they began to call their less-elitist cousins the Lunarium, or the Moon Elves.

This was centuries ago, and while there are a few of the Solarium that will mingle with non-elves and Lingrium (they view them both in the same light), most of them prefer to stay on Niavane, content with their ancient books of things long since passed. In contrast, the Lunarium spread throughout the world, while they are still mostly on Niavane, most of the elves encountered elsewhere in the world are Lunarium. They helped found human cities, and teach the humans all sorts of arts and magic. The Lingrium are also travelers, many of them leaving Niavane to explore the world, helping in much the same way as the Lunarium, though rather than teaching magic and crafting, they taught how to properly respect nature and how to sing and dance. As a result, nearly every single half-elf in all of existence is a child of either a Lunarium or a Lingrium elf.

Racial Traits
Solarium and Lunarium
Lingrium elves use the same racial traits as the Solarium and the Lunarium, with one exception:
+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Intelligence: Lingrium Elves are swift and agile, with an innate sense of how things work, but are not as intellectually well-endowed as their Celestium brethren.

Humans: The Descendants
The Oddities

The Classes of Kyaren

Arcane Power

Eldritch powers that can warp and shape all of reality, arcane magic is a common sight in Kyaren as entire swaths of land have been irreparably changed by the reckless releases of raw arcane power. The most frequently utilized source of power in Kyaren, arcane spellcasters come in all shapes and sizes and are members of all races and nations. In addition to those who merely wield the power of to alter reality, there are those that have been twisted by magic, and those that are solely on this plane due to their close ties to magic.

Divine Might

Due to the Astral Plane’s separation from the Material Plane, wielders of Ddivine magic are rare indeed. Ever since the Cataclysm, the last major event wrought by the gods, individuals imbued with divine power are rare, meaning that it is a very uncommon sight to see a cleric, a paladin, or an oracle. The most common users of divine magic are the Archivists, who do not need the gods’ blessing to wield their magic, but rather they learn it and master it much like a wizard learns and masters his arcane magic.

Physical Strength
Psionic Power

A new source of power in Kyaren, psionics are still far from wide-spread. While they are common in Aertheros and its neighboring countries, there are also rumors of psionic individuals that inhabit the blasted isle to south of the Eastern Continent. No one is quite sure on what is the source of these new mental abilities, but many scholars have many theories on what may be the source. Regardless, all that anyone can agree on is that these new powers could be a potent new threat that upsets the social order of the world, for these new abilities can be passed along by blood or can spontaneously appear in individuals without warning. Not even sorcerous bloodlines occur as randomly as these new psionic ones, and to make them even more threatening, the presence of large amounts of powerful psionics appear to have a lingering effects in their environs and the surrounding creatures.

Miscellaneous Sources

The History of Kyaren

Ancient History

The Ancestor Race used to have an empire that covered the entire world; physically and mentally adept, they were a powerful people, and they conquered all sorts of mighty magic and powerful psionics. Their’s was the only sentient humanoid race, and they shared the world with the ancient and powerful Dragons. They even began to venture out and explore the planes, even colonizing a few in their later years. However, the larger they are, the harder they fall and the Ancestor’s empire was large indeed. In their hubris they began to alter their structure, changing their own essence and they began to change into a multitude of many races; the first sub-race to be created was the Crafters, designed to live in the harsh environments deep beneath the ground and infused with a desire to make and forge, these were the first of the Ancestor’s tampering. Seeing the success of their experimentation, the Ancestors continued to change select members of their species, each to fill a role in their society; before long the Ancestors were a single race of beings no more, but rather consisted of a plethora of beings.

Kyaren was a world that did not have a close relationship with its gods; while they existed, they were few and the influence of the Astral Plane upon the Material Plane was minimal. However, it was inevitable for them to realize the change that the Ancestors were bringing upon the world; and they were infuriated when they saw that they had meddled with their own beings. In a fit of divine fury, they struck down the Ancestors, destroying much of their society, and smiting the vast majority of the original Ancestors; all that remained were the offshoots. The gods then decided among them to remake the world in a manner to try and protect those still remaining from the intrusion of the Elemental, Abyssal, and Demonic Planes, caused by the sheer multitude of portals made by the Ancestors.

The Cataclysm, as the destruction of the Ancestors shall forever be known as, occurred millennia ago; in that time, natural offshoots of the humanoids that were spared were spawned, new languages were made, and slowly the remainders rebuilt, though not nearly to the glory of the Ancestors, and they had not even a tenth of the power and might of the Ancestors. The planes began to influence the Material more and more as the years dragged on, coming to the point they began to alter the very fabric of magic itself; all the while, the Astral Plane, the one place that did not have innumerable portals and gateways to it and through it, began to retreat from the Material Plane, much to the despair of the gods. Divine influence, both sacred and profane, began to lessen on Kyaren, and while people still worshiped the gods, their true champions became few in number. * Something happened and people began to be born with innate abilities that manifested at puberty as strange new powers. Magic began to be used in new and different ways, and eventually enough time passed to allow for civilizations to be built, kingdoms to be formed and fought over, and for all of the past to fall in the fogs of legend and myth.

The Cosmology of Kyaren

The Planes and Their Structure

The Elemental planes and the Material Plane all lie near one another; so much so that they nearly overlap in certain areas and one can potentially enter another plane merely by walking in certain areas and being unlucky. An unfortunate stroll in the desert may lead to the Plane of Fire, and a deep dive in an ocean may lead to the Plane of Water. While this may sound exciting, it also means that these planes exert a tremendous influence in those areas, which is less then desirable, especially when multiple planes are all very close to that particular area. It also means that Arcane magic is more risky in these regions; however, to those skilled in channeling raw magic, they may be able to cast spells of incredible power and might. Failure to properly channel the raw magic may result in the release of wild magic in an unpredictable and potentially lethal manner.

Definitely more concerning than the Elemental Planes’ proximity to the Material Plane, is the proximity of the planes of Hell and the Abyss; wizards and their brethren are known for consorting with demons and devils for good reason. While not as close as the Elemental planes, one is far more likely to run into a demon or a devil than an angel or an archon. Because of the distance of the Astral Plane, teleportation without the use of an incredibly expensive foci can only be done by traveling through either the Hells or the Abyss, and unlike with Astral travel, every now and then a demon or a devil may decide to catch a ride with an unsuspecting wizard.

The Western Continent
The Central Continent
The Eastern Continent

The World of Kyaren

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